A Year in the Making

Posted by Whitney Mullen on 4/28/2016 to News
A Year in the Making

This time last year, we were holding our breath, biting our nails, and crossing all of our fingers and toes while we counted down to the last few days of our Kickstarter campaign.

It's hard to believe that it's been a year since we celebrated the end of this particular chapter in the Soft Chomp journey -- some days it feels like it was a lifetime ago, given all we've done since, and some days it feels like just yesterday that we were on the rollercoaster ride called Kickstarter.

As amazing as it was to hit our funding goal on March 27, 2015, the most rewarding part of crowdfunding has been just that -- the rewards! Sending rewards to our backers and hearing your wonderful feedback...there's just nothing that has come close to that awesome feeling. Until now! Because until last month, we weren't actually finished with the reward-giving process.

As you may remember, our backers had the choice of receiving their chosen rewards themselves, or donating their rewards to mothers and children in need. Last month, we were able to make good on our promise to you, our backers who chose to have your rewards donated.

On March 23, we took 50 Soft Chomp sets to the YWCA San Diego, in honor of World Oral Health Day. This amazing, historic organization empowers women, men and children to break the cycle of domestic violence and homelessness, and achieve self-sufficiency. Through Becky‚Äôs House®, Passages, and Cortez Hill Family Center, their programs and services allow individuals and families to recover from trauma, improve their economic status, find permanent housing, and ultimately, transform their lives.

With our donation, we hope to inspire bonding through reading, promote daily oral care, and, most of all, bring these families love and light during their time of hardship.

Our biggest, sincerest thanks to everyone who has supported Soft Chomp, either as a Kickstarter backer, as a new customer, or by helping us spread the word about our company and products. This wouldn't be a reality without you, quite literally! Thank you!