Meet Whitney

Posted by on 11/24/2015
Meet Whitney

Hi there! I am so thrilled that you've found yourself on the Soft Chomp website! I'm Whitney Mullen, creator of Soft Chomp.

Like many new parents, I spent months honing the art of the bedtime routine with my (then) baby, Cash. I must say, it was a magical mix: one part soothing bath, one part bedtime story, and three parts nursing and cuddle time. Just when I felt I had pretty much nailed it, Cash started sprouting teeth, and those pesky chompers threw a big wrench in our once-relaxing routine.

As tormenting as teething is, those new teeth are pretty darn adorable and important, and I knew I needed to start taking good care of them. So I went out and bought a toothbrush. And then another one, and yet another one. By toothbrush #4, I realized this wasn't going to be as easy as I had imagined.

Between my bitten fingers and prickly bristles hurting my son's tender gums, brushing was painful for the both of us and became a dreaded nightly battle. I was working on developing a life-long healthy habit (no big deal!), and I was not getting off on the right foot.

So, in February 2014 I set out to create a better toothbrush, one that was as painless for myself as it was for my son. Soft Chomp's ouchless infant and toddler toothbrush was born. Shortly thereafter, I wrote Izzy's First Tooth and Rocky's Big Dream, with a mission to help families build better, healthier bedtime routines through a fresh, fun, and comfortable approach to oral care.

This is such an exciting endeavor for myself, my family, and the entire team here at Soft Chomp. Thank you for your support in helping us bring our vision to life, and for allowing us to bring the Soft Chomp family of products into your hearts and homes!