Meeting my Inspiration

Posted by on 3/15/2016
Meeting my Inspiration

I’ve said it before, and I’ll probably say it 5 million times again. This – that moment right here in this picture – is a dream come true.

I didn’t start this business because I’m an entrepreneur at heart (I’m really just learning as I go) or because I thought it would be easy (quite the opposite), or because I’m overflowing with energy and love wearing 34,982 hats over the course of a week (I’ve actually discovered through this process that I’m not my best self when I try to multitask. I’m a much happier single-tasker, thank you very much.)

To be brutally honest, I didn’t even pursue the idea of Soft Chomp because of some cheerleader-esque voice inside my head telling me I could do it. In fact, that voice in my head doesn’t really even exist. Because, like so many other women, I persevered not because of some brilliant, uplifting self-love chatter in my head, but in spite of that nasty, seemingly unrelenting whisper that tells us we are, in fact, not (insert positive attribute here) enough.*

That’s not all, folks. I could rattle off 50 other perfectly good reasons for starting a business that didn't come into play in my decision to create Soft Chomp. I’m certainly no engineer, and couldn’t tell you the first thing about supply chain management if you asked me two years ago. But there’s one reason why I kept moving forward despite the hurdles, and it’s really the only one that matters.

This picture was taken just moments before I was going to be sharing Soft Chomp with moms in person for essentially the very first time.  Face to face, mom to mom, I spent the day listening as these amazing moms told me about their struggle with brushing their little ones’ teeth. Despite the battle, the biting, the coercing, they’ve kept at it because they want what’s best for their babies.

Helping these mothers turn a dreaded chore into a peaceful, pain free moment, and in turn supporting them in the hard task of raising healthy, happy babies is the one good reason why Soft Chomp exists. It may sound strange, but I got to finally meet my inspiration last week, and for that I couldn’t be more grateful.




*Extremely important side note: That aforementioned nasty voice I spoke of? I didn’t conquer it alone. I don’t think it’s possible. Alone, that voice would have won a long time ago. My family (my husband in particular), my tough love support network at San Diego State University, and my brilliant and creative Soft Chomp team became the voices I decided to listen to instead. Because if they thought that we could do it – that I could do it – then I’d be a damn fool to think otherwise.